About Us

Mission Statement

¨ The Indian Friendship Centre in Sault Ste. Marie Is Guided by the Teachings Given by the Creator to the Aboriginal People.

¨ These Teachings Will Unite Us in Harmony As We Build a Strong, Proud Community for Seven Generations.

Beliefs of the IFC-SSM

¨ In providing a safe and secure environment for the people we serve

¨ In the freedom of the individual’s right to choose their belief

¨ In the equality of all ages and races

¨ Promoting the wholistic approach to a healthier way of life and, in the reinforcement and revitalization of our native heritage.

Values of the Friendship Centre

¨ The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Social well-being of all

¨ The dedication and commitment of people who share their wisdom and knowledge for the betterment of our community

¨ Respects the uniqueness of individuals, andour special relation with all creation

Objectives of the IFC in SSM

¨ To provide a meeting place for Native and non-Native people

¨ To stimulate and help Native self expression and the development of Native leadership

¨ To help encourage study of Native needs and help in the planning of services with Native people in both public and private agencies



In order to be a member in good standing with the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC) an individual Friendship Centre must subscribe to the following principles:

1. A member of the Federation must be a community directed organization who’s Aims and Objectives are consistent with the OFIFC’s and who defines itself as a Friendship Centre. 

2. As a Member of the Federation, the Friendship Centre must first and foremost show respect and honour all Native Beliefs and Customs.  As part of this, the Friendship Centre must act and speak with pride and dignity that Native heritage demands.

3. As a Federation Member, a Friendship Centre must be committed to information sharing, referrals, recreation, and social activities, cultural reinforcement, community development and all other such activities which ensure Native People a better Quality of life through Native self-determination.

4. The Friendship Centre must honour the belief of supporting unity amongst all Native People regardless of legal definitions of Status, Non-status, Métis, Indian or Inuit.  In counselling , information, etc., accordingly.

5. As a Federation Member, the Friendship Centre will support the work towards the stated Aims and Objectives of the organization.

6. As a Federation Member, the Friendship Centre will at all times conduct itself in a manner that brings respect and creditability to the Federation and other Friendship Centres. 

7. As a Federation Member, the Friendship Centre will be tolerant of diversity, honest with its opinion and above all respect the opinions of other Friendship Centres or Native Groups even though they may disagree. 

8. As a Federation Member, The Friendship Centre will bring any grievances, comments, or criticisms relating to the provincial organization to the attention of OFIFC Board of Directors.  Likewise, any grievance, comment or criticism that the Federation has relating to any Friendship Centre will be brought to the attention of the local Board of Directors. 

9. As a Federation Member, the Friendship Centre will endeavour to work co-operatively with other Friendship Centres to solve problems and to support mutual concerns. 

10. As a Federation Member, the Friendship Centre will endeavour to work co-operatively with other Native Groups, organizations and representative Non-Native towards a human society, equal opportunity for participation, tolerance of difference and respect for all living things. 

11. Member and/or their representatives must honour and respect his/her commitments to the Federation as per requirements. 




Organizational Chart
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