Children and Youth Services

"If our Youth rise and act, they have the strength and courage to generate a huge transformation in soci'ety." - Unknown Author

Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children

The purpose is to assist all Indigenous families to provide the best opportunities for healthy development for children up  to  6 years  of age. An equally important goal is to  ensure that children at risk have access to services and support that will address their needs. The program is voluntary and open to any Indigenous family that requests the service.


Indigenous Family Support & Family Support

Promotes holistic healing for parents and children in conjunction with traditional teachings of the Indigenous people. Services provided can include services to parents with children ages 0 months to 6 years. The following can be accessed (but not limited to): Spousal Abuse Support, Substance Abuse Support, Cultural Teachings, Family Healing, Parenting Classes, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support, FASD Prevention & Support, Child Development Education, Milk Program, Clothing Depot, Collective Kitchen, Nutrition Education & Prevention, Community Resource Referrals, Parent & Child Advocacy, Appointment Assistance and Short Term Counseling.


Indigenous Prenatal Nutrition Program

The goal of the Indigenous Prenatal Nutrition Program is to improve the health and well-being of our Indigenous pregnant mothers living off-reserve. The program will provided additional services to the mom and fetus until 6 months of age that consist of the following: Free Pregnancy Testing, Counseling, Support, Emergency Food and Infant Supplies, Transportation, Family Advocacy, Home & Hospital Visits, Accompany to Appointments, Referrals to Elders, Hospital Tours and Support Groups.

“Unless a child learns about the forces which shaped him – the history of his people – values – customs – language he will never really know himself – of his potential as a human being. First Nation culture has a unique place in history. The Anishnabe child who learns about his heritage will be proud of it. The lessons he learns in school should reinforce and contribute to the image he has of himself as Anishnabe.” – Unknown Author


& Akwe:go Enhanced

This program has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive program to Urban Indigenous children between the ages of 7-12. The goal of the program is to provide Urban Indigenous children with the support, tools and healthy activities which will build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices. This program has been designed based on a fundamental principle: to improve the quality of life of Urban Indigenous children through the delivery of culturally appropriate programs and services.


Wasa-Nabin (To Look Ahead)

The Wasa-Nabin Programme is a program geared to provide services for Urban Indigenous youth ages 13-18. This program looks at building healthy lifestyles for youth by providing culturally based programming. Services are provided on one to one basis as well as through group participation. There are six objective areas and services provided that are based in advocacy, education, prevention, and intervention programs. Programs involves after school homework help, Street Wolf – The Seven Principles of Self Leadership, needs assessment, referral to community resources, in school presentations, gym nights/recreation programs, cultural outings, Taking Circles / peer support, visiting Elders/teachings, school suspension programming, nutrition programming, life skills.