Culture Based Programs & Services

Healing and Wellness

Indigenous Community Cultural Resource Coordinator

To provide increased access to culture and cultureĀ­ based program and service delivery to Urban Indigenous children, youth andĀ  families that foster a strong sense of well-being and positive Indigenous identity. To ensure the effective delivery of the Cultural Resource program to Urban Indigenous children, youth and families providing and facilitating access to traditional teachings and ceremonies in a safe and acceptable environment, promote cultural awareness, language support, cultural based healing, work with Elders and traditional people as required using a prevention lens to meet the needs of the community.

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin Program (I’m a Kind Man)

Is a program based on individual participation and training of community facilitators that focuses on the role men and boys play in ending violence against Indigenous women and girls. It specifically focuses on the history of women’s and men’s roles in Indigenous cultures, trauma suffered by men in the past that contributes to loss of power, and how men can regain their cultural identity for stronger personal and community development.