Indigenous Early Childhood Educator (ECE or CYW) Job Posting


At The Indian Friendship Centre, we are passionate about the cause and the people we serve in our community through various programs and services offered.

Early Childhood Educator (ECE/CYW) is one of the key forces behind both, and we are currently seeking someone exceptional to vibrantly transform the world of early childhood education through a culturally holistic approach. The ideal person for the job will have tremendous communication and interpersonal skills, accompanied by extensive decision-making capabilities to enhance the cognitive, physical, social and emotional developmental impact through the children in the program.

The support of the ECE will aid in using a variety of teaching and learning techniques to generate age-appropriate resources that align with the current Early Childhood legislation and regulations, while culturally helping children grow to be well-rounded, well-regulated, urban indigenous children, between the ages of 0-6.


  • Meaningful and rewarding work provided in the development and mutual understanding of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through common activities
  • A workplace that values equity, inclusion, anti-racism, self-expression and the development of Indigenous leadership
  • A focus on teamwork, passion, and commitment through Indigenous needs, as well as the planning of services with Indigenous people in both public and private agencies


The purpose of the Urban Indigenous EarlyOn Centre (UIEOC) program is to engage with all Indigenous families, parents and/or caregivers to promote and implement culturally based teachings supported through various programs including, Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years. This will be supported by Elders, Knowledge Keepers, other program participants, workshops and various forms of mediums, all while providing a safe place for children and families, regardless of culture, status, gender, or sexual identity