Indigenous Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Worker Job Posting


At The Indian Friendship Centre, we are passionate about the cause and the people we serve in our community through various programs and services offered.

Indigenous Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Worker is one of the key forces behind both, and we are currently seeking an individual who is self-motivated, driven and able to provide a holistic and culturally based approach in supporting families with healthy and safe child development and learning tools and resources to access. The individual for this program must continue to empower, support and promote optimal physical, cognitive, communicative and social development in primarily indigenous families and children’s early years. The ideal person for the job will provide client based services where significant contact and focused assistance is provided through trainings, workshops, interventions and at-home client/hospital visits, while also directly and indirectly working with the Indigenous Prenatal Worker.


  • Meaningful and rewarding work provided in the development and mutual understanding of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through common activities
  • A workplace that values equity, inclusion, anti-racism, self-expression and the development of Indigenous leadership
  • A focus on teamwork, passion, and commitment through Indigenous needs, as well as the planning of services with Indigenous people in both public and private agencies


The purpose of the Indigenous Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program is to assist Indigenous families in providing the best opportunities for the healthy development of children 0-6 years of age through family home visiting, service coordination, and referrals. The program is built on a foundation of Traditional Culture that is incorporated throughout all service delivery practices and having access to effective and consistent early intervention services.