The Mental Health Peer Coordinator program is located at the Sault Ste Marie Indian Friendship Centre. This is a new program with fourteen programs across the Province.

The program was developed by the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres following discussions with the Ministry of the Solicitor General. This is a new program which serves urban Indigenous community members under community supervision orders and builds effective partnerships with mainstream community agencies, advocating broadly wherever necessary to improve both health and justice-system outcomes.

The program goal is to provide networks of support and mentorship to urban Indigenous people under community supervision orders as they seek to improve their mental health, reduce any harms associated with their behaviors, avoid justice system recidivism and pursue a good mind.

The target audience of the program are self-identifying urban Indigenous community members under community supervision orders as referred by probation and/or parole offices. Just for your information, I will be also accepting self-referrals. In case of a self-referral I will notify the appropriate agency.

The program supports individuals to connect with or access services available in the community such as housing, crisis, addiction services, activities to build a network of support, cultural program, employment, education, wellness groups, social/recreational activities.

Assist with navigating government programs and systems.

Accompany clients to appointments in a supportive role as able.

Provide practical assistance with securing daily living needs example such as transportation, food securities and other necessities. May provide service on an urgent basis as resources will allow.

Maintain confidentiality with clients and share information with clients that provide consent.

The program is voluntary and is a supporting role.

Should you require further information or clarification, please contact me at the SSM IFC.

I am looking forward to working with everyone.


Mental Health Peer Coordinator

Indian Friendship Centre

122 East Street

Sault Ste Marie, ON

P6A 3C6

Tel:  705-256-5634 ext. 2206