The Indian Friendship Centre in Sault Ste. Marie (IFCSSM) was incorporated in 1972 as a not-for-profit corporation for Urban and migrating Indigenous people.

IFC’s objectives are:

To provide a medium for the meeting of lndigenous and non-Indigenous people
and the development of mutual understanding through common activities.

To stimulate and assist Indigenous self-expression and the development
of Indigenous leaders; and, people in both public private agencies.

The need to expand our building, which we have occupied since 1995, due to increases in programs and services to a growing urban population, led to the addition of our newly constructed hall on June 16, 2003. The Centre’s vision is to continue to expand in all areas of need for the community. All of the staff, full and part time, actively participate on internal committees, while the majority of staff serve on external job-related boards and committees, locally and provincially.


Mission Statement:

The Indian Friendship Centre in Sault Ste. Marie is guided by the teachings given by the Creator to the Indigenous People. Theses teachings will unite us in harmony as we build a strong, proud community for seven generations.



  • The physical emotional, mental spiritual, and social well-being of all.
  • The dedication and commitment of people who share their wisdom and knowledge for the betterment of our Community.
  • Respects the uniqueness of individuals, and our special relation with all of Creation.



  • In providing a safe and secure environment for the people we serve
  • In the freedom of the individual’s right to choose their belief
  • In the equality of all ages and races
  • In  promoting the wholistic approach to a healthier way of life, and
  • In  the reinforcement and revitalization of our Indigenous heritage