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Programs at a Glance

Main Office - 122 East Street (256-5634)


Homelessness Support - Matt x-2136

Kiizhay Anishinaabe Niin - Dustin Jacko  x-2161

Cultural Resources Coordinator - James Roach x-2130



Health Clinic (256-8925)

Nurses Practitioners, Medical Doctor, Dietitian, & a Diabetes Nurse Educator.
Social Worker - Rita Fabiano


Health Services

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living - Patty Gjos x-2211
Life Long Care - Lynn O'hara & Lisa Showan x-2213
Aboriginal Healing & Wellness - Kim Pelletier x-2201

Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Prevention - Carol Nolan x 2129

Mental Health Worker - Ron Rickard x-2202


Children’s Services

Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition (East)  -June Byce x-2189

Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition (West) - Marybeth Vallee x-2142

Aboriginal Family Support (East) -  ext 2142
Aboriginal Family Support (West) - Marlene Antoniow 705-575-1868

Aboriginal Healthy Babies / Healthy Children - Andrea Thompson 705-575-1868

Akwe:Go - ext - 2122
Akwe:Go Enhanced - Gail Pitawanakwawt x-2134
Wasa-Nabin - Chantelle Day-Agawa x-2144
Urban Aboriginal Healthy Kids - Taryn Morley x-2177


Employment Services

Apatisiwin - Laurie Perreault x-2204

Court Services

Aboriginal Criminal Court Worker - Samantha Boyer x-2159
Aboriginal Combined Family Court Worker - Pamela Showan x-2203

Education Services

Kina Awiya Secondary School - Crystal Kingston, Education Director

Niin Sakaan Lit eracy & Program Assistant- Rainbow Agawa & Katie Riel

705 945 0963




Walking the Path


Walking the Path is designed to teach Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal about the history, beliefs, and cultural traditions of Aboriginal people.  The Walking the Path initiative was developed and supported by the Ontario Provincial Police using Anishnawbe cultural teachings as a foundation to provide young people with the insight into Aboriginal Culture and for Aboriginal youth in particular, a way to instil pride in who they are and where they come from. 


Walking the Path builds on the belief that people who have the self-respect and self-confidence to function independently are better prepared to cope with negative influences or peer pressure.  Individuals who feel good about themselves are much more likely to respect others as well as the rules and laws of their communities.  A positive self-image is essential for a person to function as a responsible and contributing member of society.


Through different modules, Waking the Path touches on empowerment strategies; promotes self-concept, self-esteem, and respect for others; and deals with issues such as healing from trauma, abuse and racism, and combating stereotypes, prejudices and biases. 


For More Information, Please contact:     705.256-5634



Pam Showan

Lynn O`Hara

Patti Gjos

Ron Rickard

Carol Nolan

Lisa Showan

Gail Pitawanakwat

Stephanie Van Buskirk