Family Support Program


Juliette Wemigwans

Family Support Worker     

Main Office:

705-256-5634 (2142),                                       


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The Urban Aboriginal Family Support Program strongly promotes holistic   

healing for parents and children in conjunction with traditional teachings    

of  the Anishinaabe people;  Honesty, Wisdom, Love, Respect, bravery,

humility and truth.   

Services Provided;

The Urban Aboriginal Family Support Program provides services to parents with children ages 0 months to 6 years.  The following can be accessed (but not limited to)

· Spousal Abuse Support

· Substance Abuse Support

· Cultural Teachings

· Family Healing

· Parenting Classes

· HIV/AIDS Prevention & Support

· FASD Prevention & Support

· Child Development Education

· Milk Program

· Clothing Depot

· Collective Kitchen

· Nutrition Education

· Community Resource Referrals

· Parent & Child Advocacy

· Appointment Assistance

· Short Term Counseling



Marlene Antoniow,

Family Support Worker 2

268 Wellington St.



Urban Aboriginal Family Support Program 2


Education Sessions– These sessions will take place from 1:00-3:00 pm and will consist of daily living issues, prevention and risk reduction, promotion of healthy lifestyles, elder’s teachings.  There will also be guest speakers.  For the month of September, there will be a 5 part Education Session on Cultural Teachings with the Mental Health Worker as our guest speaker.


Home Visits, Community Development– Home visits will be provided when requested and Community Development will consist of researching relevant resources within the community through various agencies, and social networks.


Drop-In IDEA Days– This day will be used for clients to come by anytime, chit-chat, give any ideas that they would like to see for future programming, or just come by for a coffee and talk if they need to get anything off their chest.


Milk Program– This takes place at the Indian Friendship Centre at 122 East Street from 9:00-12:00 pm every Friday, unless otherwise stated.


Families Kitchen (Families in the Kitchen)– This program is for Moms and Dads, which takes place on the 15th of every month or close to it.  Parent(s) will cook, store, freeze and have meals to last them for approximately 1 week before receiving their family allowance.  This program will help lessen any food security issues a family may have.


Other programming– As stated on calendars (i.e. Smoking cessation classes, cultural teachings, car seat safety, picnic and beach days, swimming days, self care, arts and crafts, movie days, etc.)