Aboriginal Healing & Wellness


Kimberly Pelletier

Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Coordinator

705-256-5634 (2201)






Foster healing, reduce family violence and improve Aboriginal health.

Mission Statement:

The Indian Friendship Centre in Sault Ste Marie is guided by the teachings given by the Creator to the Aboriginal People.

These teachings will unite us in harmony as we build a strong and proud community for the next 7 generations.

Program Goal:

To ensure that the healing and wellness needs of the local Aboriginal community are addressed by implementing the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy at the local level to reduce family violence, promote healthy lifestyles, culture based programming and healing. 

Programs Provided:

· Weekly Sewing/Drumming

· Anger Solutions

· Traditional Health Program      


Services Provided:

· Supportive Peer Counselling

· Traditional Peer Counselling

· Elders visits

· Applying to Healing Lodges

· Advocacy

Programs And Services Offered:

Mondays:   Call office

Tuesdays:   Call office

Wednesday: Call office

Thursdays: Call office

Fridays: Call office