Prenatal Nutrition Program


Main Office:

June Byce,                                               

Prenatal Coordinator                                

705-256-5634 (2189)                                                                     


The Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition Program was launched in 1997 and is federally funded by Ka:nen Our Children Our Future. The program is guided by four key components: Cultural Development and Retention, Child Development and Nutrition, Parenting and Caretaking Skills, and Community Development.

The program is geared towards improving the healthy wellbeing of our Aboriginal mothers living off-reserve, by offering community-based, holistic and culturally relevant programming. The program is guided by the philosophy, which asserts that focusing on the young children, their families and the communities can be strengthened, empowered and healed.

The Aboriginal Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program offers education and prevention support to mothers and their infants in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where they can express themselves freely. 

Grandmothers say that it is important that a pregnant mother takes extra care of herself. A healthy mother helps make a healthy baby.

Holistic Approach

All the programs that are offered through the Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition Program, target the traditional teachings of our Elders and Spiritual beliefs. We put the emphasize on our mothers to acknowledge where they came from and who they are as a person.

We offer smudging to the mothers that are interested and sharing circles to ensure that we are in a positive growing environment. We offer that traditional medicines at all programs: sage, tobacco, sweet grass and Cedar. We participate in cultural activities such as placenta burial, feasts, gatherings, sweet grass picking and many more. We believe that everything needs to be balanced in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

Additional Services

The goal of the Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition Program is to improve the health and well-being  of our Aboriginal pregnant mothers living off reserve, program will provided additional services to the mom and fetus that consist of the following:

· Free Pregnancy Testing

· Counseling

· Support

· Emergency Food and Infant Supplies

· Transportation

· Family Advocacy

· Home & Hospital Visits

· Accompany to Appointments

· Referrals to Elders

· Hospital Tours

· Support Groups

· Access to Additional Programs