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Wasa Nabin Coordinator

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The Wasa-Nabin Programme is a program geared to provide services for Urban Aboriginal youth ages 13-18.  This program looks at building healthy lifestyles for youth by providing culturally based programming.  Services are provided on one to one basis as well as through group participation.  There are six objective areas and services provided are based in advocacy, education, prevention, and intervention programs. 

The program objectives are to:

· Provide general social supports

· Assisting youth in care

· Promote healthy eating and physical development

· Education

· Justice interventions

· Addressing violence

Providing general social supports by assessing the needs of youth as well as discussing what barriers they may facing.  There will be opportunities in talking circles and provide peer support for other youth.

Assisting youth in care will be done by increasing support to youth as well as guardians that don’t have access to their culture.  Also, support will be provided to youth leaving care and assisting in the transition back to their families and communities.

Healthy Eating and physical development is implemented by providing youth with nutritious snacks and meals as well as teachings on traditional foods and preparation.  Education and awareness provides opportunities for youth to make good nutritional choice as well as promoting non-competition physical education and recreation. 

Promoting education is also another important objective in working with youth by providing supports in school as well as homework support, and suspension supports, advocating in the education system, etc.

Wasa-Nabin will also work closely with the judicial system and provide extra-judicial measures for less serious offences.  The support provided is through “Street Wolf -  The Seven Principals of Self Leadership,” This is an eight week programme which teaches youth about culture and living a healthy lifestyle.

Addressing violence is done by collaborating with Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin (I am a Kind Man) Young People’s Initiative.  Workshops will also be done to discuss relationships, problem-solving, and decision making in a culturally appropriate way.  As well as learning traditional roles and responsibilities to speak out against violence!

Program Involves:

· After School Homework Help

· Street Wolf - The Seven Principals of Self-Leadership

· Needs Assessment

· Referral to Community Resources

· In School Presentations

· Gym Nights / Recreation Programs

· Cultural Outings

· Talking Circles / Peer Support

· Visiting Elders / Teachings

· School Suspension Programming

· Opportunities for Community Hours

· Nutrition Programming / Healthy Eating and Cooking

· Life Skills

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