Cultural Based Programs & Services

Indigenous Cultural Competency Training (ACCT) is the strengthening of professional relationships between Urban Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and clients- a relationship built on the concept of trust, friendship, and mutual respect.

Throughout the training, participants have the opportunity to build a shared understanding of contemporary priorities, the concept of allied relationships, Indigenous holistic healing, and the importance of infusing on-going Indigenous cultural competencies throughout organizational practices through meaningful engagement with the Urban Indigenous community.

All sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of the group; ensuring a high­ context learning environment. ACCT sessions include, but are not limited to, an interactive historic narrative that connects key historic markers to contemporary impacts on Urban Indigenous people as well as a continuum­ based approach to cultural competency that builds practical everyday skills while strengthening on-going culturally competent organizational practices.

Indigenous Cultural Competency Training aims to:

  • Develop a critical analysis of contemporary issues in order to increase cultural competency.
  • Provide an overall perspective of Indigenous people in Ontario.
  • Provide an Indigenous Cultural Competency Framework for addressing different levels of cultural competence.
  • Explore how organizations and agencies can begin to engage with urban Indigenous peoples and organizations to provide relevant services.
  • Provide participants with a basic understanding of how to interact with Indigenous communities.
  • Share culture-based strategic planning methods for improved organizational cultural competence.

All IFCSSM Indigenous Cultural Competency Training sessions (ICCT) are custom designed according to the needs of the group. The sessions are an interactive full-day session.

Please contact the Executive Director at 705-256-5634 or send an email to for more detailed information.